About us

Cap Terminal S.A. (CTSA) of Cap Haitien , Haiti. operates the only full service container terminal in the Port of Cap Haitien, Haiti since 1998 .The port is fully accredited by the IMO ( International Maritime Organization) along with ISPS certification (International Ship and Port Security) The principals of (CTSA) have over twenty years of experience in the marine terminal business in Haiti and the USA.

CTSA is fully equipped to handle any vessels that can enter the 29 ft draft Port of Cap Haitien. From the minute you reach the anchorage CTSA gets involved by sending out our assist tug to guide you to the berth.

Container Yard
Containers handling

After clearing Customs and INS the vessel will immediately commence unloaded using our American 230 tn container crane. Our stevedore staff quickly jumps into action unloading the containers on to stevedore chassis where they are sent over to the terminal located within the port just 500 yards away.

Storage and Delivery

Once checked thru our security gate there they are staged by our top loaders. Export containers are then put back on the chassis to return to the vessel for loading.

Their guards are tactically stationed throughout our terminal, at the gates, and at the vessels we are working. Along with the tight security we have a full staff of trained professionals that input and track all cargo movements via computers with daily reports sent via e-mail to our shipping lines.

Our principles see a bright future for Haiti and expect the country to grow and prosper. We are emerging from turbulent and challenging years. Our commitment to Haiti is absolute.
Container Yard
Container Yard

Once the cargo has been released by customs for importation into the country CTSA has a fleet of 20’ and 40’ chassis and trucks for delivery. Because of our strong commitment for equipment security and the proximity of the port to the commercial merchants all containers get delivered and returned on the same day without any containers being left overnight in the city. The security company under contract has been trained by ISPS professionals located in the United States.

Currently we have multiple shipping and calling the port of Cap Haitien, Haiti.